stencil paper

100 sheets

special tracing paper fully competible with our stencil ink

for the best stencil results-

high resulution print

no smudging

dark and strong application to skin

long lasting stencil


put plain white paper in the paper try as a base and insert 1 sheet of our stencil paper on top to avoid paper jams


How To Use

  1. Follow the printer’s instruction of the printer for set up and filling of the ink
  2. Adjust your design with high resolution and saturated blacks
  3. Print your stencil using a single sheet of paper in the tray to avoid jamming
  4. Sanitize, shave and clean your client’s skin
  5. Apply your transfer solution of choice
  6. Apply the stencil carefully and press
  7. Remove the sheet and let the skin dry for 10 minutes for the stencil to fixate