Improved color to the printer allows you to accurately print patterns directly from your computer to a regular printer. How does it work? Simply:

Buy color for your printer.

Buy a new Epson Eco Tank Printer. We recommend the Epson ET-2650, but you can choose from several other Epson Eco Tank models.

Fill the ink cartridge and start printing.

The use:

Wear gloves when handling the printer! Remove the cap from the ECO Stencil and then remove the seal. Attach the enclosed dosing cap. Open all 4 trays in the printer and pour 30 ml of ink into each of them, and then close it. Then follow the instructions provided by the printer manufacturer.

Theoretically, any type of paper is suitable for pattern printing, but standard printer paper absorbs more color, making the pattern lighter on the skin. We recommend using special paper to print patterns, which guarantees the best effect.

You can print approximately 3000 patterns from one 120ml bottle.