It’s time to cut the line. Welcome to the wireless revolution!

With LightingBolt, your favorite tattoo machine has become wireless. LightingBolt is not only a battery for tattoos, but also a power controller with Bluetooth technology, which represents the real future of tattoos. You will know the feeling when your shoulder hurts in the middle of a tattoo, you have to stretch it so that you do not focus on the pain, but on the tattoo.

The best tattoo battery is here to make your life easier. The small but powerful LightingBolt is sure to enhance your art. Thanks to its lightweight design, excellent user interface and ergonomic design, LightingBolt has been made with you in mind.


  • Immerse yourself in tattoos with a wireless battery that turns your tattoo machine into a wireless one.
  • Connect to Bluetooth and pair with the DarkLab mobile app to enable many features and receive all necessary updates. Features include, for example, changing the voltage by voice.
  • Ideal for rotary and bobbin tattoo machines.
  • The battery lasts up to 10 hours with a charging time of only 1.5 hours.
  • Charge the battery in any USB-C port, including a car, airport or laptop. Software and hardware work together seamlessly to give you the best experience possible
  • It works from 5 volts to a maximum of 12 volts
  • Only 3 buttons that allow you to check the battery, enable Bluetooth, increase and decrease the voltage, check the battery life and turn on / off.
  • LED color lights allow you to monitor your voltage and battery life.
  • The best things come in small and powerful packages, the weight of LightingBolt only 58 g (2 oz)