To provide comprehensive sterilization for tattoo machines and enhance convenience for tattoo artists, Dragonhawx presents its Sterilization Box. This innovative solution caters to the needs of a wide range of tattoo artists.

  • Portable UV+UVC Light Sterilization Box: Compact dimensions: 22cm * 9.2cm * 5.8cm With a 99.99% germicidal rate, our UV disinfection technology can effectively eliminate various microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, branching bacteria, fungi, Rickettsia, and mycoplasma.
  • Multiple UV Light Ports: Equipped with multiple UV light ports positioned strategically throughout the box, ensuring thorough sterilization. Each UV lamp emits 20,000uW/cm2 radiation illumination, utilizing UVA dual wavelengths to eradicate bacteria within 240 seconds.
  • Auto-Off Protection: Simply press the ON button, and the sterilization box will initiate a 240-second countdown. If the lid is accidentally opened during the process, the sterilization operation will automatically halt to prevent human exposure, ensuring safety and peace of mind.
  • International Certifications Certifications: CE, FC, RoHS, and Environmental Protection Agency of the US.
  • Flexible Holder Design for Enhanced Sterilization: Our innovative design includes a flexible holder that accommodates tattoo pen machines of various sizes. The well-thought-out space layout allows for effective sterilization, catering to machines with diameters ranging from 22mm to 34mm and 18mm to 22mm, ensuring the health and safety of your tattoo business.
  • Simplistic Design: Easy to Use, Sleek Appearance, Pearl White Color