FK Irons – pen for tattooing Spectrum Xion Gorilla

The Spektra Xion Gorilla Pen from FK Irons was developed in collaboration with world-famous Tatras in the USA. Up to a grip circumference of 40 mm and a weight of 307 g, it is structurally identical to the Spektra Xion Pen, which we also have in our assortment.

You can comfortably adjust the stroke (length of needle movement), play (needle movement hardness) and stitch depth of this tattoo pen to suit your needs. The Spektra Xion Pen is a true universal user suitable for every style of tattoo.

You can adjust the stroke with the included 3,2 mm and 3,7 mm strokes. You can adjust the clearance in the housing using the rotary knob. To adjust the stitch depth, simply turn the handle.

To adjust the stitch depth, simply turn the handle. It has a diameter of 25 mm in the thinnest part and 40 mm in the thickest part. Of course, all common needle refills are compatible

The 6W motor is very high quality and has been specially developed for tattoo requirements.

The ergonomically shaped case of the machine is made of light aviation aluminum. The whole tattoo machine therefore weighs only 307 grams and is very comfortable to hold.

Short facts:


  • Adjustable stroke (needle travel length) with 3,2 mm and 3,7 mm strokes
  • Adjustable dosing (hardness of needle movement)
  • Adjustable stitch depth
  • Autoclavable handle
  • Compatible with all common needle refills
  • Powerful 6W motor