EQUALISER™ Proton pen: The advanced transmission system guarantees reliability and quiet engine operation.

Compatibility with all types of cartridges.

Complete absence of vibrations!

stroke: 3,5mm

adjustable needle extension: 0-4,5mm

motor: 5W

connection type: RCA

handle diameter: 25mm

length: 11,8mm


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EQUALISER PROTON MX  is a legendary machine that changed the tattoo industry.

Highest quality materials and  reliable motor guarantee trouble-free work.

Ergonomic shape and super low weight make Proton the perfect tattoo machine for everyone, for every style, technique and type of work.


Proton was created to meet the needs of the best artists in the world, who need a powerful machine with an ergonomic shape and low weight.


Through the years of its presence on the market, Proton has proved that it deserves the name of an indestructible machine. He will work with you from morning to dusk, day after day. All this is the result of a well-thought-out design, the use of the best components and their precise fit.


The Proton Equaliser is perfect for any type of work: filling, shading and lines. Compatibility with all types of cartridges makes it a truly versatile tool for any artist’s work. The machine is made of special aviation aluminum with the highest accuracy and precision. Thanks to the trusted 5W motor and clever design, the Proton MX is one of the most reliable and popular tattoo machines in the world.


Stroke: 3.5 mm

Full needle advanced adjustment: 0-4.5 mm

Motor: 5 W

Socket: RCA

Handle diameter: 25 mm

Length: 11.8 cm

Working range: from 7 to 11 V DC

Works with most cartridges on the market


Cable not included


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