The EQUALISER FOX V2 tattoo machine is theoretically only a successor to the previous version of the FOX. However, due to changes in the appearance and innovative solutions used in the FOX V2 machine, now both versions have only one thing in common – the name.

The most important change is the ability to adjust the stroke of the machine in the range of 1-5mm. As a result, the machine has become as versatile as possible. For every type and style of work. Changing the stroke length is very simple, just loosen one screw on the eccentric, turn it and set the appropriate length, which will be additionally helped by a convenient scale.

Thanks to the use of the appropriate grip attachment, now you can work with V2 with classic needles, cartridges, disposable grips, reusable grips, with or without a cap.

To guarantee that the machine will be good for all types of work, the FOX V2 needed a solid and powerful drive, so it has been fitted with a very durable 10W motor, which is also a newer version of the predecessor from the FOX V1.

The housing made of aviation aluminum is very light, and the whole changes are complemented by a different, modern design that everyone will like.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner tattoo artist and it is the first machine bought in your life, or you are a professional working for many years, who needs a solid and durable machine for many hours of sessions – this machine is perfect for everyone.

– adjustable stroke: 1-5mm,
– motor: 10 W,
– possibility to work with classic needles, cartridges, disposable and reusable grips, with or without a cap.
– socket: RCA
– frame: 3D milled CNC aviation aluminum,
– color anodized,
– weight 120 g.
– three colors to choose from
– recommended voltage: 5-11V