Cheyenne Sol Nova Tattoo Machine — Red

Cheyenne Sol Nova’s tattoo machine is of the highest quality compared to other machines currently on the market. Compared to the Hawk Pen model, it is shorter, lighter and more powerful. It works quieter and has softer vibrations. Tattooing with Cheyenne Sol Nova is comfortable and easy. The lines are precise and fine. Quickly switches between 56 needle configurations. It works in the interface between 25 and 150 Hz. At low frequencies, the needle works exactly, which can be used especially for realistic tattoos. The surface of the machine is hard and particularly resistant to scratches. At the same time, its surface is hygienic and looks very good.

Frequency: 25 – 150 Hz

Voltage: 5 – 12.6 V DZ

Needle extension: 0 – 4 mm

Stroke: 3,5 mm

Engine: Brushless DC motor

Diameter: 33 mm

Length: 102 mm

Weight: approx. 150 g


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