Dynamic Color – Union Black – 240ml

Dynamic Color is characterized by high-quality pigment that penetrate the skin with ease, efficiency and precision. Dynamic color tattoo inks are perfect for all tattoo artists who focus on strong and specific colors. Dynamic meets REACH regulations. Checked since 1990, they also guarantee reliable healing, so you can safely say goodbye to dissatisfied customers.


While Dynamic Color Co. is known for its absolute classic, which is the Dynamic Color Union Black ink, the other colors can boast of equally high pigment saturation and durability. A full palette of vivid colors provides the most impressive pigment content in the industry. Thanks to the smooth flow, these inks are suitable for work – from precise details to outlines and shading. In addition, the inks from the Dynamic Color Co. can be mixed to make your own mixtures.


All Dynamic Color inks come in crystal clear PET bottles with an anti-counterfeit coating with the Dynamic logo. Even the thermal seals on the bottles that secure the sterilized product have the Dynamic Color approval seal.


Dynamic Color Company is a company from the United States that has been creating its products for over 30 years. Thanks to such a long presence on the market, it is easy to say that all Dynamic products have been thoroughly tested by tattooists around the world for many years.


Capacity 240 ml

Premium Pigment

Made in the USA

Impressive pigment content,

Vegan product and not tested on animals,

Producer: Dynamic