Unique Lighting for Your Studio

Designed with professionals in mind, the LED MOON lamp is an excellent tool for creative souls. Its width of 69 cm ensures the dispersion of light over a sufficiently large area, providing even illumination for your workspace. The two-piece light panel allows the lamp to be easily folded away. Whether you run a tattoo or permanent makeup salon, this lamp will provide you with professional lighting that highlights the smallest details of your work.

Even Light for Perfect Effects

The LED MOON lamp offers not only powerful lighting but also complete control over its properties. With the built-in power adjustment function, you can easily adjust the intensity of the light to your needs. Whether you need strong light for detailed work or gentle illumination for makeup, this lamp will meet your expectations.

Furthermore, the LED MOON lamp allows for precise adjustment of the light color. From warm, cozy tones to cool, neutral light, you have full control over the atmosphere you want to create. Regardless of the project you’re working on, this lamp will provide you with the right light that enhances and enriches your work.

Convenience and Versatility in Use

The LED MOON lamp on a tripod is designed to provide you with maximum comfort during your work. With an adjustable height range of 152-176 cm, you can customize it to your preferences and requirements. Whether you’re working in a standing or sitting position, this lamp will adapt to your ergonomics.

Additionally, the lamp is equipped with a practical remote control that allows for effortless operation. You can adjust the power, change the light color, and customize other settings using the intuitive buttons on the remote. This means you can control the lighting without interrupting your work, resulting in convenience and efficiency.



Input power: 110 V/240 V 50 Hz/60 Hz

Output power: 50 W

Regulation range: 0% ~ 100%

CCT: 3000 K ~ 6000 K

CRI: RA>90

Light intensity: 3000 lm

Dimensions: 69cm

Weight: 6.2 kg