Wireless technology is already available in tattoo studios, not only in machines, but also in power supplies. The Inox Prime Tube wireless power supply is for those who are used to wireless machines or need to reduce the cables needed at work.

The Inox Prime Tube is mounted directly on the RCA socket. The power supply plug has been mounted at the bottom of the power supply, which will be especially appreciated by owners of PEN machines, as it is compatible with the movement once the power supply is installed. Such positioning in them shifts the center of gravity, which significantly improves the comfort of work and does not burden the hand during tattooing.

Inox Prime Tube has all the functions of standard power supplies and all settings are controlled by two buttons. The readable display shows the current voltage, which can be adjusted every 0.1 V. The power supply works with any tattoo machine equipped with an RCA socket.


compatible with any machine with an RCA connector

battery capacity: 2000 mAh

working time up to 5 hours

charging time 2.5 hours

dimensions: 65 mm x 32 mm

weight 73 g

adjustable voltage every 0.1V in the range of 4-12V

The set includes a power supply and a USB charging cable