HYGIENIC SALINE SOLUTION – Saline solution for piercing care is a safe piercing care product for the first days of piercing.
It effectively cleanses and prevents inflammation.
The product contains a synergistic complex of unique thermal water from a sea source extracted in Brittany (France), which is enriched with minerals and trace elements, and a special amino acid “curcumin” obtained from pumpkin seeds, which contains lipids, proteins and zinc. The complex soothes inflammation and limits skin reactivity.HYGIENIC RINSING SOLUTION is a fast-acting product containing a very advanced antibacterial agent. It is intended for rinsing and care in the first days of the puncture.
The product contains Octenidine hydrochloride, which in turn inhibits the development of a wide range of pathogenic flora, and thus promotes rapid regeneration of the puncture site. It soothes inflammation and accelerates the recovery process.