Introducing NUVA COLORS – a new line of high-quality pigments for permanent makeup created with true PMU artists in mind.

Beauty in every shade!

The wide range of NUVA COLORS pigments will help you achieve the desired effects. From subtle natural shades to bold and dramatic colours, NUVA COLORS pigments offer endless possibilities for creating stunning PMU looks.

Create unique effects with the rich colour palette of NUVA COLORS

NUVA COLORS pigments provide vibrant and long-lasting effects. Choose from six different pigment sets, specially selected for various areas of pigmentation, including lips, eyebrows, eyelids, areolas, scars, and the scalp. Our pigments ensure smooth and consistent application every time.

Safe permanent makeup pigments

NUVA COLORS pigments are fully compliant with EU regulations and safe to use.

Create unique effects with NUVA COLORS’ rich colour palette.

NUVA COLORS pigments are a perfect solution for those who value creativity and want to fully utilize their skills in permanent makeup art. The available colour palette and various types of pigments (from organic to inorganic and their mixtures) allow for creating an infinite number of effects. Whether you are interested in a subtle, natural-looking makeup or bolder effects, NUVA pigments will certainly meet your expectations. Importantly, the possibility of layering pigments allows for precise control of the effect, giving greater freedom to create an individual style. Therefore, if you are looking for professional and safe pigments that will allow you to use your creativity and passion for PMU, NUVA pigments are an ideal choice.

Get professional effect without overpaying

NUVA pigments are characterized not only by high quality and safety, but also by an attractive capacity-to-price ratio. Thanks to their efficiency, one bottle of NUVA pigment is enough for many permanent makeup sessions. This is the perfect choice for those looking for products with the best quality-to-price ratio.

The choice of professionals for professionals

Feel the difference with NUVA COLORS pigments – the perfect choice for artists, trainers, experts, and PMU product wholesalers. Order today and create beauty in every shade!