GLOVCON® Sona PMU Machine – Introducing our newest permanent makeup machine GLOVCON Sona. Made with lightweight aluminum and virtually vibration-free.

The latest technologies used when developing the machine allowed to design an ultra-thin grip with a very low weight.




GLOVCON Sona is perfect for all types of pigmentation, whether it is creating a very defined eyeliner or transparent powdery effects. It has been adapted to work with Kwadron PMU Optima cartridges as well as other Kwadron Optima and most of the cartridges available on the market.

Compact, 11 cm long housing and 18 mm diameter grip hide a very durable 4W motor. The weight of the machine has been evenly distributed, thanks to which it lies securely in the hand making the pigmentation process more comfortable.


Thanks to the implementation of a standard RCA socket, it can be connected to most power supplies.

  • power: 4W
  • grip diameter: 18 mm
  • length: 11 cm
  • weight: 80g
  • stroke: 3 mm (ideal for permanent makeup and micropigmentation)
  • stroke regulation: 0-5 mm
  • RCA socket (can be used with standard Jack – RCA)
  • compatible with GLOVCON Sona power supply as well as any other standard power supply
  • lightweight construction
  • failure-free system
  • 12-month guarantee

Cartridges sold separately.