INOX LADY PEN. The V2 cosmetic movement is the second version of the movement with a number of changes and improvements, which, thanks to our customers, were the impetus for its improvement. 
The machine has a completely new look and design,hides an improved 4-watt motor that provides even longer life. Is stable and always ready to use. Thanks to the use of a standard RCA socket, it can now be connected to any permanent power supply or tattoo machine.
The cartridge holder is compatible with most cartridges available on the market, such as KWADRON, KWADRON® PMU OPTIMA, INOX PRIME, Cheyenne, etc.
- power: 4W
- stroke: 3 mm
- compatible with any power supply
- light construction
- no vibrations
- fault-free system
The cartridge is sold separately.