Exceptional cartridges for exceptional effects

Magnum needles, facilitating the application of colour in the skin, are soldered alternately in two rows which, compared to other needles, will enable faster and more efficient work in the filling process. Thanks to these elements, we are able to pigment larger areas such as the lips more quickly and less traumatically. They are ideal for papilla work to create a base on which details will be added later in the process. By choosing the right technique they can also be used for shading or building up gradations.

Kwadron PMU Optima 30/9MGPT – what’s behind the symbols

These are nine needles with a diameter of 0.30 mm in two rows, that is magnum and Point Taper sharpening step.

Cartridges designed for creating strong contours, fills and shading larger areas. The PT taper needle is double sharpened, meaning that in addition to the usual sharpening, the tip of the needle itself has been further sharpened at a different, more obtuse angle. This type of sharpening means that the PT needle is not as sharp as the LT, allowing it to be inserted more gently into the skin. PT – Point taper (2.5mm double sharpened).

What makes Kwadron PMU Optima cartridges special

Hard, medical-grade plastic casing that does not abrade during needle movement so that no fragments of plastic get under the skin, excluding the possibility of inflammation.

A protective membrane, prevents liquids from entering the machine, further stabilises the needle and increases precision. The extra-sharp needles, ensure excellent working precision, prevent damage to the skin, giving better results during work and after healing.


1pc, 20pcs