Optima Gold Cartridges – Your Pathway to Precision Softness.

Optima Gold are ultra-precise cartridges crafted for permanent makeup, elevating soft and satin pigment effects to new heights.

How can Kwadron Optima Gold Round Liner cartridges be used?

Designed for soft and satin effects, Optima Gold cartridges excel in shading techniques, offering optimal results.

What makes Optima Gold cartridges stand out?

Optima Gold cartridges feature the innovative SoftPro technology, a unique system designed to stabilize the needle responsible for pigment delivery beneath the skin. Comprising two metal stabilizers safeguarded by a plastic element, this advanced design ensures accurate needle positioning and prevents distortion. As a result, the needle operates with stability and precision, facilitating a soft and gentle pigment application process.


1pc, 20pcs