Kwadron PMU Optima 35/4FLPT – what’s behind the symbols

These are four needles stacked in a row, or FLAT, with a diameter of 0.35 mm and a Point Taper sharpening step. The PT taper needle is sharpened twice, which means that in addition to the usual sharpening, the tip of the needle itself has been sharpened at a different, more obtuse angle. This type of sharpening means that the PT needle is not as sharp as the LT, allowing it to be inserted more gently into the skin. PT – Point taper (2.5mm double sharpened). Ideal for creating gradients and 3D effects.

What makes Kwadron PMU Optima cartridges special

Hard, medical-grade plastic casing that does not abrade during needle movement so that no fragments of plastic get under the skin, excluding the possibility of inflammation.

A protective membrane, prevents liquids from entering the machine, further stabilises the needle and increases precision. The extra-sharp needles, ensure excellent working precision, prevent damage to the skin, giving better results during work and after healing


1pc, 20pcs