What is the use of the Kwadron Optima Round Liner 0.20 mm cartridge?

Cartridges designed for creating contours and lines. RL are characterised by extremely precise, rigid and focused needle points. They are ideal for the creation of detailed parts and details. The 0.20 needle is designed for precise but expressive work such as lip contouring, hairline eyebrows or for eye and eyelid make-up. It is also successfully used in trichopigmentation, i.e. micropigmentation of the scalp as well as the beard.

Kwadron PMU Optima 20/1RLLT – what’s behind the symbols

This is a single 0.20 mm needle with a Round Liner type and Long Tapered sharpening step (7 mm sharpening length).

Round Liner type cartridges

Cartridges designed for creating contours and lines. Larger Round Liner sets such as 3RL, 5RL and 7RL have needles arranged in a circular shape, where the needles are concentrated into a point for the highest precision in permanent make-up. The LT or Long Taper needle is sharpened to a length of 7 mm. This makes the blade very slender and leaves a precise, clear point on the skin.

What makes Kwadron PMU Optima cartridges special

Hard, medical-grade plastic casing that does not abrade during needle movement so that no fragments of plastic get under the skin, excluding the possibility of inflammation.

A protective membrane, prevents liquids from entering the machine, further stabilises the needle and increases precision. The extra-sharp needles, ensure excellent working precision, prevent damage to the skin, giving better results during work and after healing.

The textured walls inside the tip, make the cartridge perfectly suck in and feed the pigment which contributes to even working. The tip is designed individually for each needle size, allowing it to fit perfectly, resulting in stable, even and precise work.


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