The perfectly matching tattoo kit to step up your game

Are you looking for a matching tattoo equipment kit to step up your game? Or are you a beginner in the field of tattooing and are looking for a tattoo starter kit? In both cases this tattoo kit might be the right choice for you. Every tattoo artist needs tattoo equipment that works perfectly together. That is why we are offering the all in one solution for you to start instantly with our state-of-the-art tattoo devices.

The Cheyenne SOL Nova with its advanced BLDC motor, 3,5 mm stroke and 25-150 Hz frequency, combined with our most advanced Power Unit IV, a pack of Disposable Grips, a robust foot switch and a variety of the most commonly used Safety Cartridges will make everything easier for you. Whether for lining, shading, color packing, filling, dot work, or pepper shading – this tattoo kit will fit your needs.

SOL Nova

The optimized design of the SOL Nova combines the advantages of our angled tattoo machines with the convenience of a tattoo pen. The result is probably the quietest and most low-vibrating tattoo pen in the world, with incomparably powerful operation.

Power Unit IV

This tattoo power supply focuses on ergonomics and offers you an easy, intuitive operation. Thanks to powerful magnets and an integrated clip-on stand you have versatile placement options. The tattoo power supply allows you to choose between voltage display (in 0,1 V steps) or bar graph display (30 steps, approx. 0,26 V per step). The integrated stopwatch helps you measure the time of every tattoo session. The Power Unit IV is perfect for the low-frequency operation of the SOL tattoo machine family.

Disposable Grips Ergo Round

Cheyenne Disposable Grips are the sterile disposable solution for the HAWK Pen and SOL Nova. Available in three different shapes and sizes, the disposable tattoo grips guarantee ergonomic, comfortable and above all hygienic working for almost every hand type.