The number 1 cleanser in the tattoo industry, one of the most important things used by tattoo artists around the world. Hygiene is a priority in tattooing, and cleaning takes place before, during, and after a tattoo session. In fact, while a tattoo artist is tattooing a client, he or she is constantly wiping the tattoo to remove excess ink, blood, and petroleum jelly.
Of course, the product used by tattoo artists must be dermatologically safe and of the highest quality.Green Soap – is a concentrate of traditional green soap based on olive oil enriched with Aloe Vera juice with antibacterial and soothing properties.

  • Effectively cleanses the skin with a fresh tattoo from petroleum jelly and paints;
  • Prevents skin irritation during tattooing;
  • Economical consumption: 1 part green soap and 9 parts purified water.
  • Green soap is intended for cleaning skin, surfaces, and instruments.

It is suitable for soaking and cleaning instruments from the remnants of dried paint and blood before sterilization.


1000ml, 250ml