Citroclorex 2% is a highly effective skin disinfectant that offers immediate and residual action. Product features: Transparent. The action is based on a combination of chlorhexidine digluconate and a high ethanol content, it protects reliably, quickly and for a long time. It is intended for immediate use, it is not diluted. Instructions for use: The product is classified as a biocide. For professional use only. Read the enclosed instructions before use. Use disinfectant safely. Apply the product directly to the skin or to a disposable sterile tampon, and use it to rub the skin thoroughly. Allow the disinfection to dry and do not rinse it. Application area of ​​the product: It is recommended for application to the skin before invasive procedures, for preoperative examinations. Furthermore, it can also be used in conjunction with the use of a venous catheter, also before blood sampling, injections, punctures, vaccinations, acupuncture, biopsies of various kinds. Shelf life: 24 months Packed: min. 1 piece

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