Protective foil in a roll for armchairs. It is composed of a top three-layer SMS fabric.

This protective foil is in rolls, guaranteeing clever and comfortable use. It is ideal for tattoo studios, beauty salons, medical and clinical purposes. Color: white.

Medical device class I.

The SMS material used for production is a three-layer nonwoven fabric made of multi-component man-made fibers. SMS textiles are very often used for the production of medical clothing (coats, trousers, shirts, caps), all garments that require a high degree of insulation, e.g. in hygiene products – baby diapers, feminine hygiene products, incontinent diapers and pads.
  • Advantages: It never tears where it does not – they can withstand the patient’s movement and unwinding from the roll without damage.
  • Perfect perforation – when tearing off the used part, there will be no tearing outside the perforation.
  • Waterproof – does not let unwanted liquids into your lounger.
  • Soft – very pleasant to the touch.
  • Easy handling – light material, roll is half lighter than paper.
  • Easy storability – the diameter of the roll is smaller at the same length as the paper version


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