Active substances: N, N-Bis (3-aminopropyl) dodecylamine, Poly (hexamethylene biuanide) hydrochloride, Didecyldimethyl-ammonium chloride

Spectrum of effectiveness: bactericidal, MRSA, virucidal (BV / DV / Vaccinia, Rota), mycobacteriocidal, tuberculocidal, fungicidal

Application: Remove coarse dirt beforehand. Apply the preparation by spraying so that the surface is well wet. Let the product work for 1 minute. Then wipe off the excess moisture with a disposable towel. After the exposure time, wipe the shiny surfaces and the surfaces of the screens dry with a clean and dry disposable cloth. When treating medical devices, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Recommended exposure time 1-5 minutes.

Area of ​​use

The preparation is suitable for healthcare, doctors’ surgeries, social care institutions, laboratories, pharmacies, home care and general practice
Suitable for modern medical devices, instruments and devices made of plastics and plexiglass (incubators, displays, ultrasound probes, keyboards, monitors, etc.)
Suitable for disinfecting hearing aids and for switching active substances, we recommend alternating with the product Desprej