Silverback Ink TH1RT3EN Gray Wash Set 30ml – The Black Th1rt3en and 3 Shade Gray Wash Series are precisely blended to always create strong and consistent shades. Light, medium, dark and black Th1rt3en are part of the set. Black Th1rt3en is completely different from those created in the past. The Th1rt3en 3 Shade Gray Wash set is a mix of our best-selling gray shades (2, 4 and 8). We also include black in the set. The set is affordable. Thanks to the basic color Black Th1rt3en, this series is easy to mix. If you need to mix more shades, you can easily expand them. Pour 1/2 lid light with 1/2 lid medium color and the result will be close to # 3. 1/2 lid of medium and 1/2 dark will give you about # 6 and 1/2 lid of the Dark Wash mixture mixed with 1/2 lid of Black Th1rt3en will bring about # 10 gray shade. It is easily wiped off the skin and also easily gets into the skin. Tested and certified for the EU. Packed with 100% tamper evident seal. Made in the USA.