Intensity Tattoo Ink 30 ml: is a summary of generations in the field of tattooing, which includes a lot of experience, preference and technique. These colors have a wide range of tattoo designs, they are suitable for any style and image. Colors are a combination of artistic tradition with technological innovations and security, which are used by top exclusive tattoo artists such as Boris, Bob Tyrrell, Mark Mahoney and many other Slovak art artists who tattooed celebrities. These are the perfect colors for your unique tattoo methods, allowing tattoo artists to harness the power of many years of experience and create their own tattoos at an exceptional level. Intention bridges the gap between those who are artists today and those who can be artists tomorrow. The set contains: Snow White Mixing 30ml , Snow White Mixing Opaque 30ml, Lemon Yellow 30ml , Golden Yellow 30ml , Soft Orange 30ml , Hard Orange 30ml , Bright Red 30ml , Dark Red 30ml , Light Magenta 30ml , True Magenta 30ml , Light Purple 30ml , Dark Purple 30ml , Mario’s Light Blue 30ml , Mario’s Blue 30ml , Light Green 30ml , Dark Green 30ml , Light Brown 30ml , Dark Brown 30ml , Intenze True black 30ml.


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