Transparent pattern tracing paper – Unistar DreamWisp

Unistar DreamWisp is a completely transparent foil for transferring patterns. Thanks to Unistar’s excellent quality, it guarantees precise pattern transfer to the skin while preserving the smallest details. With our transparent foil from Unistar, you can easily transfer the design on the first try without the need for corrections or shifting.

Easy-to-Use Stencil – Unistar DreamWisp

Unistar DreamWisp Clear Stencil Foil is a completely transparent foil for transferring designs, which is incredibly easy to use. It’s just 4 simple steps:

  • You combine DreamWisp film with thermal tracing paper
  • Place the prepared set into a thermal printer/copier.
  • Retrieve the design from the printer, transferred onto the foil.
  • Apply the design to the skin, just like with regular stencil paper.

When you apply the transparent foil to the client’s skin, you can immediately see where and how to position it. No more corrections or complicated placement of the design among existing tattoos. The principle of using Unistar DreamWisp is the same as using regular thermal stencil paper, with the difference that you see everything clearly.

The advantage of Unistar DreamWisp Clear Stencil Foil is its compatibility with most thermal printers on the market. The foil is available in A4 format in two package sizes: 200 sheets