RED Stencil Paper by S8 is the world’s first impact and thermally prepared red transfer paper for tattoos. Tattoo artists have intuitively known for years that red is the ideal stenciling color for light skin tones, due to the fact that red provides the greatest amount of visual separation with black trim. However, stencil paper manufacturers have not been able to produce a thermal red paper ready for a thermal printer until now. The paper contains a proprietary blend of red dyes that are safe and approved for use on all skin types. They also contain mineral and vegetable waxes.

Thanks to the S8’s system approach, RED doesn’t smudge or rub off until you want it to.

This cylinder with dimensions of 21.5 cm x 30.5 m is intended for large tattoo studios. The cut as you go format helps conserve inventory, reduce waste and is ideal for extremely large templates. The roll is compatible with most standard paper roll holders.