Practical solution

Our dedicated ink cup glue is the answer to tattooers’ needs. Instead of using expensive butter or vaseline to attach ink containers, we have created a stronger and more reliable glue in a tube.

This practical solution allows you to squeeze the right amount of product onto the surface you intend to attach the cups to, and then spread it easily and evenly, fixing the cups.

Reliable partner in your daily work

Black glue for tattoo ink cups is designed to ensure perfect adhesion of the cups on the working surface. Thanks to its special formula, it effectively eliminates the risk of cups moving during tattooing, regardless of the type of surface. Whether the working surface is smooth, rough or even subject to vibration, the glue keeps the cups in a stable position, minimizing the risk of ink spillage and ensuring maximum precision of the artist’s movements.

The black color of the glue blends perfectly with professional tattoo studio equipment, adding a sleek and modern touch.

Capacity: 50 g