Suprasorb F 10cm x 10m roll:

The Suprasorb F wound cover is a very flexible self-adhesive dressing. The product consists of a polyurethane film coated with skin-friendly polyacrylic adhesive and covered with siliconized paper. A synthetic film serves as an application aid
mass with edges for holding, which allows easy application of the cover.
Before sticking the film, spray the tattoo with Tattoo Finish spray, then clean it with a napkin and let it dry.

Suprasorb F wound film covering is:
• impermeable to bacteria
• permeable to water vapor and oxygen
• waterproof
• translucent
• expandable

• poorly draining wounds,
• superficial wounds,
• to protect fresh epithelial tissue,
• as a secondary dressing

• infected wounds,
• deep wounds,
• heavily oozing wounds.