Better tattoos with Tattoo Skinstich

Skinstich closes pores and stops bleeding immediately. This means that more ink remains under the skin, which translates into the quality of your work. It also helps get rid of swelling. Do you want to join the best artists in the world? Order and start using Unistar Tattoo Skinstic

Faster tattoo healing and better results with Unistar Tattoo Skinstich

Speed up the healing of your tattoo with Unistar Tattoo Skinstich. Thanks to a well-thought-out combination of water, glycerin, alcohol and potassium alum, it works like a magical elixir on the skin after the tattooing process. Skinstich not only reduces swelling, but also disinfects the skin, providing it with intensive regeneration, which will translate into the amount of pigment that will remain under the skin.


Safe Unistar Tattoo Skinstich formula

Your tattoo deserves the best care, and Unistar Tattoo Skinstich is the key to a safe and effective healing process. Ingredients such as alcohol and alum act as a shield against bacteria, eliminating the risk of infection, and glycerin ensures proper hydration of the skin. The unique Unistar Tattoo Skinstich formula will not only accelerate healing, but also create conditions for keeping the skin clean and safe so that you can enjoy the beautiful final effect of your tattoo.

Application: product for external use. After the treatment, wait until the bleeding stops, wipe the tattoo dry, then spray it on the skin and let it evaporate.

Packaging: 240 ml

Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Alcohol, Potassium Alum