UNISTAR TATTOO FILM Bandage 5 pcs /12,5×12,5cm/

Dimensions: length 12,5 cm, width 12,5 cm

A thin self-adhesive foil that provides sufficient moisture during the treatment in the first and at the same time the most critical phase, immediately after tattooing.

Protects new tattoos against abrasion and ensures waterproofness. It creates an antibacterial coating that prevents the formation of pathogens and the entry of external contaminants into the wound.

The film is permeable, allowing the skin to breathe and excess vapor to evaporate. Very comfortable to use, unobtrusive, flexible and elastic, which allows you to use it anywhere on the body for several days.

Its use significantly reduces the formation of scales, as well as the risk of infection. It does not contaminate clothing, protects against irritating factors such as contact with clothing or other external factors.