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Protective self-adhesive film for tattoos creates a moist climate for
wound healing during the crucial initial phase of the wound healing process that occurred after tattooing. The film is so thin that it is not visible at a glance, does not restrict movement and also does not restrict movement. It is incredibly flexible so it can be placed anywhere on the body without taking it off. It stays on the body for several days. Enjoy all the freedoms despite the tattoo film!

The film is breathable and lets oxygen through. This allows excess moisture to evaporate. Using Elephant Tattoo Derm Film is simple, fast and safe. Thanks to the practical roll, the tattoo film can be cut to any length and size! It is applied immediately after the tattoo is finished and can be removed after 4 days. Tattoo care can be continued using specially developed post-tattoo products (creams and milks)