Five products to help the skin showcase your art particularly impressively and healthily right from the start:
The Prep Stencil Fluid not only helps to transfer the stencil to the skin, but also supports the healing process by having an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect – even before the first touch of the needle.
We have improved good old Vaseline and, in Prep Lube, developed a kind of “Tattoo Vaseline” that quite naturally allows the tattoo needles and gloves to glide, while also combating bacteria, inflammation and irritation thanks to its ingredients.
As a third product, we are introducing Prep Cleanser into the running: this is our soft tattoo cleansing foam that cleans the skin, removes grease and soothes. At this stage as well, the formula also helps to prepare the skin and avoid inflammation.
Subsequent to the actual tattooing we are providing two products that help customers to take care of their skin at home. Our Miracle Oil is a completely new addition to the skincare routine. It helps before each break and after each tattoo session, and immediately alleviates the pain and itching – a few steps up from what you already know. Miracle Oil is also well suited for the first days at home after the tattoo has been done. Our Tattoo Anchor is then the last step in tattoo aftercare until the skin has healed. We would recommend that you sell this tattoo cream to your customers in the studio, so they have everything in one go and feel well looked after.